Individual Training (60 minutes):


A great option for someone who wants to take a slower, more personalized approach to their fitness. Each session will include a full warm up, mobility, skill or strength work, and a *metcon. These sessions are completely designed to the individuals specific needs. We will target desired fitness goals and take calculated steps to achieve them from session to session!


8 Pack - $520 ($65/hour)

12 Pack - $720 ($60/hour)



PT Monthly Membership Options:

2x / Week - $440 ($55/session)

8 Sessions

3x / Week - $600 ($50/session)

12 Sessions

Minimum 2 Month Commitment

Small Group Training (60 minutes):

For people who want to begin their fitness journey with the comfort of having one or more of their favorite people with them! Perfect for couples, friends, families or co-workers. These sessions will include all the elements of the one on one 60 minute training session. Similar to the one on one training session we will target the small groups fitness goals/needs and take the necessary steps to get there at a pace that is suitable for everyone in the group! 


(2 - 3 person)


4 Pack - $200 per person ($50/hour)

8 Pack - $360 per person ($45/hour)

12+ Pack - $540 per person ($40/hour)



Individual Training (30 minutes):


For people looking for a more personal approach to their fitness but may be limited on time! Designed for someone who wants a quick workout on their lunch break, may want to start with only 30 minutes of training and work their way up to 60 minutes or seeking something quick and effective before/after their work day! Each session will include a warm up, and EITHER  strength/skill work OR a *metcon. 


8 Pack - $320 ($40/half hour)


*Metcon - Metabolic conditioning workout or sometimes referred to as a “WOD” where you will workout at a moderate pace doing several possible exercises like lifting, cardio, body weight movement or plyometrics.


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